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What is the use of the QR code anti-smuggling system? Circulation whole supply chain information management

by:Fullgo     2022-11-24
Monitoring product flow During the process of product smuggling, information can be fed back to the system, whether it is the logistics link or the consumer scanning code link. The system will record the logistics information of the product. Similarly, when the product is circulated to the agents at all levels below, the same action will be performed. Once the product appears outside the area to which it belongs, the system will prompt the manufacturer of abnormal logistics. Through channel monitoring and management of product circulation, it is easy to solve problems such as product smuggling. Each product is bound with a logistics code to track products, locate products, and view product trends in real time. The supervision and rectification of sales behavior The anti-smuggling system has an automatic early warning function. When there is smuggling, the system will automatically issue an alarm to remind enterprises to quickly find product trends and prohibit smuggling and chaotic prices. The development of anti-smuggling management system helps enterprises to achieve systematic management of each product by assigning each product its own QR code identification and combining the QR code with the system. The products are circulated to the market. After consumers buy the products, they scrape off the coating or uncover the surface of the label, and check the authenticity of the products by calling, texting, logging in, scanning codes on mobile phones, and WeChat. Headquarters pricing, to achieve price control. What is the use of the QR code anti-smuggling system? Answer: Monitor the channel distribution information, enter the dealer information, set the limited sales products and sales areas, and manage the in and out of the warehouse through the logistics code, so as to realize the online real-time monitoring of the smuggling situation, as long as the consumers scan the QR code offline, You can get information about smuggling. Accurate tracking of each product The anti-smuggling system is based on product digital identity technology, including enterprise dealer management and product information management. Being able to track every single product accurately allows companies to know the whereabouts of every product and achieve early warning of smuggling. By entering the dealer information, setting and limiting the sales products and sales areas, and managing the inbound and outbound warehouses through the logistics code, online real-time monitoring of the smuggling situation, as long as consumers scan the QR code offline, they can learn the smuggling information. The system assigns a logistics code representing an identity to each product. When the product is out of the warehouse, the anti-smuggling system will record the flow of the product, and the inspectors in the market can judge whether there is smuggling through the product logistics code, and the data tracking of the anti-smuggling system The function can effectively prevent the behavior of overstepping and selling goods at a low price among agents, and maintain the market order and corporate interests.
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