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What is the use value of one item, one code marketing? Open online and offline

by:Fullgo     2023-02-04
Increase the sales volume of one item, one code, help enterprises to solve the problem of product marketing, form one item and one code 'ID card', realize the interconnection of all things, realize the quality control of product production process, realize product traceability, accurate data collection, data mining, big data etc. to support corporate marketing decisions. One item, one code marketing system can increase product sales, attract consumers to participate in marketing activities, and increase fans of merchants’ official accounts; use the form of lottery to generate high-frequency interactions with consumers, firmly bind customers and brands, and optimize experience and increase engagement. What is the use value of one item, one code marketing? Answer: Marketing is the point where one item, one code gives brands the most value. Brand owners can superimpose box codes, bottle codes, and bag codes for different channels and different marketing activities. , consumer-side scan code to draw red envelopes, scan code to share and other activities. Optimize the shopping experience of consumers and establish a one-item-one-code marketing system. The whole process of marketing activities in the sales link is controlled in real time. You can participate in promotional activities by scanning the code, which is convenient and fast, and can attract more customers to participate in marketing activities. It empowers the operation of brand owners, provides a basis for further accurate delivery of campaign marketing expenses, improves product efficiency, maximizes channel value, increases brand awareness, and increases consumer and brand stickiness. Through 'one thing and one code' connecting people, things, and fields, it empowers enterprises to move sales on channels, and allows marketing resources to be accurately invested in every consumption behavior, so as to create artificial intelligence precision and intelligent marketing, and help enterprises to transform into new retail. The event participation rate has increased significantly. There are many advantages and highlights of one-item-one-code marketing. The key is that the specific content of the marketing plan is attractive, such as: interest relationship, aesthetics, creativity, etc. Efficiently help product companies to establish the relationship between customers and manufacturers, so that manufacturers can monitor the whole process of promotional activities in real time, so that brands can better understand consumers. The one-thing-one-code marketing system has become a product marketing tool, helping merchants to do marketing, and playing a role in brand promotion, increasing the repurchase rate, increasing product sales, and enhancing brand awareness. The use value of one item, one code marketing, setting up corresponding promotional activities, and scanning the code to receive the award, the activities are intimate, the award is easy to receive, and the participation rate is greatly increased. While increasing the repurchase rate of consumers, increasing consumer and brand viscosity, and increasing brand exposure.
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