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What modules does the micro-business management system consist of? _Wechat business management system-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-24
The sales model that integrates online publicity and offline sales has been increasingly recognized by consumers. Among them, the sales of products in the Wechat Mall is a typical model. The Wechat team mainly completes the expansion of scale and sales of products through the development of agents at all levels. At present, the micro-business management system software has been widely accepted by many micro-business teams, and the system can play a scientific guiding role. The following is a detailed introduction to the modules of the micro-business management system: 1. Mall system module One of the core modules in the micro-business management system is the shopping mall system module. More targeted completion of the online store construction. Because the developer of the micro-business management system has done a lot of research and improvement work in the early stage, the mall system can play a better customer source drainage effect and help micro-businesses operate sustainably. 2. The Wechat business team of the cloud warehouse system module needs to purchase a large number of products from brand owners in advance, which can ensure that once the customer places an order, the Wechat business can complete the product distribution as soon as possible. A large number of products need to be stored in the warehousing system. Wechat merchants can realize real-time understanding of warehouse dynamics through the cloud warehouse system module in the Wechat business management system. The management of goods becomes concise, and the allocation of goods can be carried out more effectively. 3. The expansion of the scale of the micro-business team in the task system module is mainly through the continuous development of offline micro-business agents through higher-level micro-businesses. The task system in the micro-business management system can more attract lower-level micro-businesses to join, and through some rewarding rebate tasks, the agent micro-business can become more motivated. In general, the micro-business management system is mainly composed of the mall system module, the cloud warehouse system module and the task system module. In addition, the micro-business management system also includes a marketing system module, an object code system module and a financial system module. The customized development team of the micro-business management system is also carrying out the development and construction of the micro-business system modules in accordance with the needs of different micro-business enterprises, and is looking forward to attracting more micro-business teams to use it.
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