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What problems should be paid attention to when carrying out the management of smuggling goods

by:Fullgo     2023-03-11
In the era of economy and society, market competition is very fierce, especially the attitude of dealers to face the problem of commodity smuggling is very important. For merchants who pay attention to the future development of the enterprise, the problem of smuggling is very serious. If they are caught, they will be severely punished and never tolerated. This is also a statement of their own attitude. However, the measures to be taken need to be implemented step by step. What problems should be paid attention to in the management of smuggling? 1. Reasonable rules and regulations. To do a good job in the management of smuggling goods, the formulation of rules and regulations is essential. When formulating, not only the rationality of their content should be considered, but also whether the regulations contained in them fully cover the possible occurrences. Case. The management system of smuggling goods is not a decoration, but it must be managed according to this regulation realistically. Therefore, its text description should be clear and clear, and the way of dealing with the problem should be simple and clear. 2. The responsibility of the staff is clear. Once the problem of smuggling is found, the responsibility should be investigated according to the system. Therefore, clarifying the responsibility of the staff is the top priority. In the process of accountability, which step has a problem, then find the person in charge of this link to investigate. The clear task of each person can not only improve work efficiency, but also solve problems as soon as possible without affecting the work progress of other people. 3. The degree of rewards and punishments is clear. When choosing distribution channels, merchants strictly check and record the goods of distributors and second batches of merchants. Of course, if there is a penalty, there must be a reward. If a merchant considering the future development of the company can provide evidence of smuggling, it will also restore the company's losses. Such an approach should be rewarded. In this way, everyone is encouraged to supervise and report smuggling behavior. The root cause of the phenomenon of smuggling is interest. Merchants who focus on sales may adopt a soft policy when dealing with this problem and solve it step by step. For some powerful enterprises, the problem of smuggling will affect customers' views of the company, so they will choose thunder methods in the management of smuggling to eliminate this problem completely.
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