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What role can the code housekeeper cloud system play? _Code Butler Cloud System-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-13
Whether it is work or life, we need to buy various commodities. In order to facilitate the circulation and inquiry of commodities, manufacturers will print various codes on commodities. Code Butler Cloud System‍ is an intelligent management system that manages various codes. So, what role can the Code Butler cloud system with good quality and excellent service play? 1. Anti-counterfeiting I believe that no one is willing to buy fake and shoddy goods. Therefore, many manufacturers will print anti-counterfeiting codes on the goods. Inquiry, when inquiring, consumers can make a phone call or text message, the Internet and scan codes, etc., which is very convenient. Therefore, using the code housekeeper cloud system can play an anti-counterfeiting role. 2. Traceability of products Nowadays, people attach great importance to the quality and safety of products. In order to allow consumers to have a higher degree of trust in products, many companies will use traceability sources to track the raw materials, growth, processing, finished products, and sales of products. In addition, the code housekeeper cloud system can also be used to query the traceability source code, trace the source of the product in question, and find out where the problem lies. 3. Prevent dealers from smuggling goods Each company will have several dealers, and these dealers are responsible for the sales of products in a certain fixed area. Some dealers will smuggle goods with gas dealers for their own interests, disrupting the normal market order. However, after using the code housekeeper cloud system, each product can be digitally managed to prevent losses caused by dealers' smuggling of goods. In practical applications, there are still many functions that the Code Butler cloud system can play. Now many production companies have also realized this problem. Therefore, many manufacturers have to understand what specifications of the Code Butler cloud system are used. Better , and then choose the appropriate Code Manager cloud system to use according to the actual situation of your enterprise.
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