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What role can the food safety traceability system play? _Food safety traceability system-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-02-08
According to relevant regulations, food commodities produced by enterprises should use the registered identification codes to trace the commodities. Food safety traceability system‍ is a system that can trace commodities, and can implement traceability or traceability of commodities in all aspects of food production, processing and sales. Next, let’s understand what role a food safety traceability system with good quality and low price can play. 1. Play the role of 'confirming responsibility' and 'recalling' food safety. Through the use of the food safety traceability system, the attribution of food safety responsibilities and the person in charge can be determined. For batches of food safety that clearly show unqualified products The traceability system can play a role in the rapid and accurate recall of food, and through 'confirmation of responsibility' and 'recall' to achieve the traceability goal of 'traceable source, traceable in all directions, and accountability' for food. 2. Play a role in improving food safety risk management Since the International Codex Alimentarius Commission has pointed out that 'traceability' is the key to food safety risk management, especially the monitoring and labeling management of unintended effects are particularly effective. Through the food safety traceability system, enterprises can trace the food production chain information, and the government can also use the information traceability to build a supervision database of production chain information. 3. Play the role of food safety information record Using the food safety traceability system, the relevant information of each food safety key control point can be recorded in detail. The information record includes all links covered by the industrial chain. Once a food problem is found, the food can be The information recorded in the safety traceability system can quickly and effectively trace each link. The several functions that the food safety traceability system can play are introduced here. It can be seen that the use of the food safety traceability system with good durability is very beneficial to the healthy development of the enterprise. In addition, it can also improve the safety and quality of food. With higher protection, in case of unexpected problems with the goods, it can also be traced back.
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