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What should be paid attention to when applying the anti-counterfeiting traceability system_Anti-counterfeiting traceability system-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-25
The anti-counterfeiting traceability system not only conducts sampling inspections and recalls of secondary parts for the whole product, but also conducts detailed scrutiny on various information such as the batch number of built-in parts. While helping to mitigate the possibility of overall equipment operational risk, it also allows the integrity of the system to be certified during the course of the inspection program. So specifically, what should we pay attention to when applying this kind of anti-counterfeiting system? 1. Pay attention to the retrospective aging. During the shipment from the factory, the goods will undergo multiple sampling inspections to ensure the stability of the application performance, and at the same time, the time difference in transportation is effectively used to give users enough retrospective time. Let users pay attention from the process of service development The performance of retrospective aging is used to inspect serial parts, and after checking batch numbers, it is ensured that defective parts and defective parts can be recalled immediately without affecting product performance. 2. Pay attention to information collection The production safety information of the previous goods is sealed in the factory, and the user can only analyze the composition of the details through the received finished products. Through the establishment of the anti-counterfeiting traceability system, various service information can be collected during the operation of the program, making the overall service activities transparent and information symmetrical, so that the anti-counterfeiting activities can get the attention of more departments and promote the informatization of production and operation activities. . 3. Pay attention to system stability The research and development of this type of system has been carried out by the research team for many years, and the stability of operation needs to be guaranteed in the usual operation and maintenance activities. Therefore, when enterprises decide to erect such system equipment, they can check the stability factors and dispatch personnel to carry out perfect construction operations to ensure that the efficiency of quality problem detection is continuously maintained. After the user understands the specific matters that need to be paid attention to in the application of the anti-counterfeiting traceability system, the efficient attribute of the manufacturing line can be preserved in the activities of product sales and quality inspection. After the qualified finished products are transported, the user can directly check the condition of each component of the overall equipment and the actual use effect by querying the batch number and other information to ensure the completeness of the transmission of product production safety information.
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