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What should enterprises pay attention to when looking for anti-counterfeiting label factories to develop anti-counterfeiting labels?

by:Fullgo     2022-11-15
Now there are more and more fake products on the market, so more and more anti-counterfeiting labels are generated on anti-counterfeiting labels. At the same time, the defense market is getting bigger and bigger. At the same time of vigorous development, some problems of anti-counterfeiting labels are also highlighted. The products of some anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers are not qualified, so what should enterprises pay attention to when looking for anti-counterfeiting label factories to customize the scope of labels? 1. Pay attention to the quality of the anti-counterfeiting labels. The quality of the anti-counterfeiting labels produced by some anti-counterfeiting label factories is not very good. Some anti-counterfeiting results cannot be queried or the viscosity of some anti-counterfeiting labels is not enough. The printing technology is not very good, and the related printing facilities are outdated, and there may even be cases where the phone cannot be connected, and the information is missing. Therefore, when looking for anti-counterfeiting labels, companies must pay attention to whether the products they produce meet the quality standards. 2. Pay attention to the compliance of anti-counterfeiting labels. Enterprises must also pay attention to complying with the specifications when looking for anti-counterfeiting label factories to customize labels. For example, for some beverage companies, if they want to put anti-counterfeiting labels on the bottles, the diameter should be less than 30 mm. At the same time, it is not allowed to be too large or small, and also pay attention to the adhesive strength of the label. 3. Pay attention to the product environment for custom labels. Some products have complex usage scenarios or special environments. For example, if the temperature is too low or too high during the transportation of the product, or the product will be too oily during transportation. In case of water, then when customizing the anti-counterfeiting label, be sure to explain to the anti-counterfeiting label manufacturer, and pay attention to the relevant environment and temperature. The above are the points that enterprises need to pay attention to when customizing anti-counterfeiting labels. In fact, in addition to this, they should also pay attention to related material problems to prevent them from infiltrating into products. Solutions, customers in need can be consulted, and relevant solutions and anti-counterfeiting products will be customized according to the needs of products and customers.
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