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What should I do if the cosmetics are sold? Build an anti-smuggling system

by:Fullgo     2022-11-07
It is clearly recorded that the QR code on the product is tracked in all aspects of cosmetics in and out of the warehouse and channel circulation to distributors, terminal stores and consumers, and the phenomenon of smuggling is monitored. Scanning information is automatically sent back to the system. Once the geographic location of the scanning code does not match the pre-set distribution area, the system will issue an early warning reminder. The anti-smuggling system helps enterprises to carry out digital transformation and upgrading, manage the circulation of products in the whole life cycle, realize strict supervision, reduce and avoid channel risks, and maximize the value of enterprises. Through the functions of one object, one code and IoT anti-channeling, traceability and anti-counterfeiting functions, the upgrading and transformation of enterprise digital management can be realized. Managers can check the flow status of cosmetics through the background of the system, and there will be an automatic warning of fraudulent goods. To ensure the stable operation of the market, production code management, anti-smuggling warehouse management, dealer management, anti-smuggling inspection management, anti-smuggling early warning and inquiry, data analysis, etc., help enterprises to achieve full-process supervision and strictly control market smuggling behavior . What should I do if the cosmetics are sold? Answer: The relationship between single product-box-pallet is established. By scanning the box code or pallet for delivery, the warehouse can master all product circulation data corresponding to the box and pallet, so as to achieve early-warning anti-channeling supervision. The system helps enterprises to control purchase, sale and inventory information at all levels, grasp the circulation of product channels, master the inventory and sales of distributors at all levels, prevent distributors from crossing regions and levels, standardize the sales market of brand products, and maintain the market price system. Protect the company's own interests. Eliminate the behavior of dealers to smuggle goods. Use the QR code label as the carrier, one item, one code, to achieve one-to-one information monitoring and recording, control of each product, product anti-counterfeiting traceability, and traceability to the flow of each product. The system compares the consumer behavior data with the sales range set in the background. If a large number of scan code data is abnormal, the system will also issue an early warning reminder. In the cosmetics anti-smuggling system, market inspectors visit the terminal and scan the anti-smuggling code on the product to obtain the product flow information. When the flow direction information does not match the local area, the submission of the smuggling materials is completed online. Through serial product code assignment, association binding of large and small packages, warehouse entry and exit code scanning, dealers/agents entering and leaving warehouse scanning code, and consumer code scanning behavior data, it is possible to control distribution channels and grasp whether there is a phenomenon of smuggling. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading condiment anti-smuggling management system, can prevent agents from smuggling anti-smuggling system, prevent dealers from smuggling behavior
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