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What types of codes can the Code Manager Cloud System produce? _Code Butler Cloud System-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-13
Code Butler Cloud System‍ is a system platform that can generate and manage various codes. Enterprises can use this system to generate various codes that only belong to themselves. So, what types of codes can the Code Butler cloud system with good quality and service be able to produce? Next, the code housekeeper cloud system development company will introduce it to you. 1. Shopping code Now online shopping is very developed, and many people's shopping habits have changed because of this. In order to let the company's products have more sales channels, the code housekeeper cloud system can generate a shopping code. When consumers want to buy a certain product, they only need to scan the shopping code to buy online without going to physical stores such as shopping malls and supermarkets. to buy. 2. Anti-counterfeiting codes Most consumers will not be unfamiliar with anti-counterfeiting codes, because anti-counterfeiting codes are an effective way for consumers to know whether their lock hook products are genuine. The code housekeeper cloud system can generate an anti-counterfeiting code for the product, and this anti-counterfeiting code will not be the same as other anti-counterfeiting codes. At the same time, the anti-counterfeiting code generated by the code housekeeper cloud system can also support consumers to verify in a variety of ways. 3. The supervisory code code housekeeper cloud system can also generate supervisory codes for commodities. This supervisory code can dynamically collect information on product production, circulation, consumption, etc., so as to obtain real real-time data and support automatic data information. Proofreading and inquiries enable enterprises, governments and regulatory authorities at all levels to supervise and manage products. When problems are found in products, they can also be controlled and recalled through supervision codes. Code Butler Cloud System‍In addition to generating shopping codes, anti-counterfeiting codes, and supervision codes, it can also generate traceability codes, interactive codes, credit codes, fraud codes, etc. Therefore, after using the trustworthy Code Butler cloud system, enterprises can All-round management and control of products are carried out, so as to improve the guarantee of product safety and quality and effectively manage the circulation of products.
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