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What types of common anti-counterfeiting technologies are there at present_Anti-counterfeiting technology-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-13
For brand enterprises, maintaining the purity of their products in the market is the key to maintaining their brand image. Therefore, such enterprises often reduce the risk of products being counterfeited by imitating some anti-counterfeiting signs that are difficult to imitate and highly recognizable. Judging from the selection of brand enterprises in the current market, the anti-counterfeiting technology used is still relatively rich. So what types of anti-counterfeiting technologies are currently common? 1. Traceability anti-counterfeiting type Traceability anti-counterfeiting type is a new anti-counterfeiting technology that has just emerged in recent years. This technology uses traceability QR code to allow consumers to scan the QR code to obtain information such as the production place and sales circulation of goods. Thereby effectively preventing the goods from being counterfeited. However, this type of anti-counterfeiting technology requires the participation of consumers, and the level of consumers' anti-counterfeiting awareness will directly affect the anti-counterfeiting capability of this technology. 2. Printing anti-counterfeiting type It is also very common for brand enterprises to use special printing anti-counterfeiting technology in anti-counterfeiting technology. Printing anti-counterfeiting is to print anti-counterfeiting marks on commodities through special printing technology. This technology is highly recognizable, but it is also an anti-counterfeiting technology that is more easily cracked by unscrupulous manufacturers. 3. The reason why the anti-counterfeiting of lottery anti-counterfeiting products has a high degree of difficulty is mainly because many consumers are unwilling to spend time to cooperate with the anti-counterfeiting work of enterprises. Therefore, a kind of anti-counterfeiting lottery ticket has become popular. This anti-counterfeiting method will pass the anti-counterfeiting of goods. The lottery code hidden on the logo stimulates consumers to participate, and consumers can obtain certain economic benefits by verifying the authenticity of the anti-counterfeiting label. Anti-counterfeiting technology is an important means to limit the breeding of counterfeit goods in the market, but even if this technology is constantly improving, it is still difficult to ensure that fine imitation goods will not appear in the market. At present, the common anti-counterfeiting technologies include traceability anti-counterfeiting and printing anti-counterfeiting, but only lottery-type anti-counterfeiting is an anti-counterfeiting method that can really attract consumers to participate and can hardly be counterfeited.
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