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Where can anti-counterfeiting label technology be applied_Anti-counterfeiting label technology-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-02-24
With the development of production technology, the technology of counterfeiting is getting better and better. Many products are difficult to distinguish between true and false. Consumers can easily fall into the trap and lose costs. However, the brand side has no other powerful means to reduce the appearance of counterfeit products. Work hard on anti-counterfeiting technology so that consumers are no longer fooled. So what specific fields can anti-counterfeiting label technology be applied to? 1. Products that need to be imported, such as medicines and food, are very immoral for many people to counterfeit medicines, because medicines are actually used on patients. If the ingredients of medicines ingested by patients are different, it will cause possible harm to the body, and the disease cannot be prevented. Controlling may cause more physical problems, so food and drug products that need to be imported need to do a good job of cracking down on counterfeiting to avoid the appearance of anti-counterfeiting products. 2. Brand clothes also need to be implanted with anti-counterfeiting technology. Many new clothes of designer brands will be imitated and printed. It is difficult for consumers to judge which is genuine and which is imitation from the appearance, so it is necessary to use anti-counterfeiting label technology at the label. , and publicize the use of anti-counterfeiting technology on brand clothes, so that consumers can understand that the original genuine clothing adopts anti-counterfeiting technology, so they don't have to worry about the authenticity of the products they buy. 3. Wine is the hardest hit area for imitation products. Because the imitation cost of wine is relatively low and the selling price is relatively high, it has always been the hardest hit area for counterfeit products. It is difficult for people to distinguish the true from the false from the appearance of the wine bottle. This headache requires commodities The seller solved it in a timely manner, because the frequent appearance of counterfeit products was also quite distressing for the brand side of genuine wines, and for this reason, label anti-counterfeiting technology was used to reduce the appearance of counterfeit products. Anti-counterfeiting label technology can increase consumers' ability to recognize the authenticity of products and avoid buying fake products. Labeling technology can not only be applied to the hard-hit areas of counterfeit products such as alcohol, but also can easily be counterfeited when brand clothes are new. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting technology needs to be implanted to reduce the chance of being imitated. At the same time, food that needs to be imported, such as medicine, needs anti-counterfeiting technology. intervention and promotion.
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