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Where is the role of laser anti-counterfeiting marks_Laser anti-counterfeiting marks-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-03-06
The phenomena of imitation and imitation in the market are by-products associated with the market economy. Since ancient times, as long as there are commodities, such behaviors will occur. In order to safeguard its own interests, laser anti-counterfeiting label technology appeared. An ever-increasing number of technology programs are used due to the ever-increasing demand for anti-counterfeiting goods by brand owners. At present, there are not only companies that provide comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solutions, but also a large number of printing companies that can provide customers with anti-counterfeiting solutions with unique technical characteristics. The laser anti-counterfeiting technology market presents a new situation where a hundred schools of thought contend. As far as the label market is concerned, the current use of laser anti-counterfeiting labels is mainly reflected in material anti-counterfeiting, design anti-counterfeiting, process anti-counterfeiting, IT anti-counterfeiting, etc. Many new scientific and technological achievements are also being used in the manufacture of anti-counterfeiting labels. Why do products need anti-counterfeiting labels? First, to avoid subordinate distributors from smuggling goods, the company can customize anti-counterfeiting labels according to its own needs, not only to complete anti-counterfeiting but also to complete the function of anti-counterfeiting goods, so as to avoid the interaction between agents and distributors Malicious smuggling. Second, it can improve the brand image of the product to a certain extent; consumers always like to refer to the price/performance ratio. Now the market competition is so fierce, each brand has its own common side. Consumers are usually unable to compare, but anti-counterfeiting labels are It is a commodity that can be quickly understood by consumers. It is a popular auxiliary commodity for identification and operation. Customers can even pass the label to learn more about commodity common sense! Third, we usually develop a habit when shopping, take a look Whether there is an anti-counterfeiting label on the product or whether anti-counterfeiting technology is used or not, if there is an anti-counterfeiting label, you can buy it with confidence. This product is guaranteed and the manufacturer has the strength. What is certain but certain is that it is not a commodity without a commodity anti-counterfeiting label that is a counterfeit commodity! This is the consumer's free choice. It is also an option for manufacturers! The more laser anti-counterfeiting technology is used, the higher the cost of packaging and labeling products. Printing companies expect customers to accept this cost increase. In addition to supplying high-quality, difficult-to-counterfeit anti-counterfeiting labels and packaging, they also need to work hard to expand the functions of labels and packaging. Therefore, major manufacturers not only make anti-counterfeiting labels for anti-counterfeiting, but also have functions such as improving image, promoting products, portraying brand value, and facilitating manufacturer management.
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