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Whole process traceability of agricultural products? What are the advantages of the system?

by:Fullgo     2022-11-10
In the whole-process traceability and traceability system of agricultural products. In the basic information management, it is first necessary to add the agricultural product company information and the product information of each company into the system. Then, in the label management business, ordinary administrators need to collect agricultural product information first, and enter the agricultural product information and save it in the database for subsequent query and management. 1. In-depth integration of multiple technologies From the analysis of practical applications, in order to ensure that the agricultural product traceability management system can run stably for a long time, the system must have high concurrent performance. The quality and safety traceability of agricultural products is the deep integration of agriculture and information technology, Internet of Things technology, cloud computing big data and other technologies, and it is also one of the hot issues that need to be solved in the new three rural issues. In recent years, important documents on the construction of agricultural product traceability systems have been issued many times, with special emphasis on accelerating the construction of local information traceability systems. 2. The two-dimensional code assists the traceability system of agricultural products as a platform for improving traceability services of agricultural products. Through the traceability platform, the whole process monitoring of various links such as the generation geology, sowing conditions, fertilization records, watering conditions, and pesticide use of various agricultural products can be realized. The source can be checked and the destination can be traced. The system generates batch two-dimensional codes through the background, one code for each item (that is, the two-dimensional code of each agricultural product is independent), and then the agricultural product company or farmers post or spray the two-dimensional code on the product packaging to be sold, Merchants can set the content information of the QR code in the agricultural product traceability background, that is, when consumers buy agricultural products with the QR code of the traceability label, the relevant traceability file information can be displayed by scanning the code. The file information is generally fed back through the web page. Both pictures and texts, easy to read, intuitive reflection, detailed data. The whole product traceability traceability system adopts QR code upgrade technology and big data collection and analysis technology, and also integrates website development technology and database storage technology to build the system. In the system, the information of agricultural product companies or farmers can be managed, as well as the collection and storage of source data such as text and pictures of each batch of agricultural products, and the traceability files of each batch of products can be constructed, and users can scan the code to query the traceability files.
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