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Why do companies like to use laser anti-counterfeiting labels? _Laser anti-counterfeiting label-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-12-23
There are more and more counterfeit and shoddy products, which makes the development of the anti-counterfeiting sign industry more and more rapid, and with the development of science and technology, the anti-counterfeiting sign technology is becoming more and more adaptable to the trend, and laser anti-counterfeiting signs are one of them. The following will explain in detail why companies like to use laser anti-counterfeiting labels? 1. It is convenient to identify. For a good anti-counterfeiting label, it should not only have good anti-counterfeiting properties, but also more importantly, it is more convenient for consumers to meet in the process of meeting. To distinguish and distinguish, so as to obtain a decision result, at the same time, if you want to carry out in-depth identification, you can also use equipment for identification, so that the identification results are more accurate. 2. The advantages are very obvious. For laser anti-counterfeiting labels, the appearance is very beautiful and atmospheric, and it can be well integrated with product design. In addition to this, laser anti-counterfeiting can also better carry out related anti-counterfeiting work, and related technologies It is also relatively mature and can be very good to prevent counterfeit products from being copied. 3. Customized design laser anti-counterfeiting labels can be customized. For brand manufacturers, if they want to customize an anti-counterfeiting label that is more in line with the brand style, they can choose such anti-counterfeiting products. Not only that, the cost of laser anti-counterfeiting is also relatively high. low, and at the same time can have good effect feedback. 4. Can be combined with two-dimensional code technology. If manufacturers use laser anti-counterfeiting, they can also combine with the current two-dimensional code technology. After the combination, it can be very good for data collection and product traceability. Product production and product marketing are used for data analysis, and at the same time, big data can be used for better product investment, which can not only prevent the phenomenon of cross-selling. The above is why enterprise manufacturers prefer to use anti-counterfeiting labels more and more, and at the same time, enterprise manufacturers can choose Normark Anti-counterfeiting to customize anti-counterfeiting labels.
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