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Why is the product full traceability traceability system strong_Product full traceability traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-30
The whole process of product traceability is mainly the process of information tracking and auditing of the whole process from product R&D and manufacturing to distribution at all levels to the hands of customers. Under the background of informatization, through the use of computer software and information server systems, a traceability system covering multiple operating ends such as computers and smart phones can be constructed. Regarding the reasons why the whole-process product traceability traceability system is safe enough, the following analysis is made: 1. The technical structure of the system is mature and perfect. In this type of system, both the basic technical operation mode and the mode under application conditions are sufficient to meet the user's expectations. The traceability system with mature technical structure and continuous optimization can meet the needs of most users in various periods. The second reason is that the traceability model is scientific and rigorous. Regarding the traceability of commodities, people need to start from multiple perspectives and technical modules for technical optimization, and the long-term application of such systems is relatively mature. The optimization of the system traceability model has met customer requirements. , the maturity of the traceability model and the rationality of its application under various conditions also allow the system to avoid the influence of various interference factors. The third reason is that the daily maintenance of the system is in place. The safe and stable operation of any computer software system must be inseparable from the daily maintenance and management of the technical unit, and the unit that has established a sufficiently rigorous maintenance and management mechanism. The tracking is in place, so the traceability system can be effectively guaranteed in various links since its launch. The traceability work of the whole product life cycle has a relatively good role in promoting the company's image and customer experience. The computer software information system based on mature technology systems and coding encryption technology has very high application value. Based on rigorous and perfect product traceability throughout the whole process The system designed and launched with the retrospective mode allows consumers and business units to carry out refined and dynamic management.
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