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Wine and water anti-smuggling solution, tracking and positioning product location

by:Fullgo     2023-03-07
Foreword: The sales area and purchase scope of dealers are planned by the enterprise from the beginning, but some dealers, in order to make profits, reduce transportation costs, take advantage of the loopholes in channel management, resulting in cross-regional distribution of goods. The solution is to use the two-dimensional code anti-smuggling management system for brand products, which can easily solve the problem of agents in various places. The product circulation information clearly understands that by assigning codes to all levels of packaging such as single product, secondary packaging, and tertiary packaging on the product production line, and the multi-level packaging has a corresponding relationship with each other, this data is uploaded to the server on the production line. Solve the problem of smuggling of wine and water, build a product anti-smuggling system, and track the flow of products in real time. Once the goods are smuggled, the system will automatically issue a smuggling warning, improve the management efficiency of product circulation and sales, and prevent the phenomenon of smuggling. Data analysis: analyze and organize the consumer query data and the dealer's selling data, and provide an intuitive display through reports and charts. Through the anti-counterfeiting label of one product, one code, consumers can scan the code to check the authenticity and check the location of the code, and then the enterprise can identify whether the product is smuggled. Prevent products from being sold at random prices. By using the anti-smuggling system for drinks, we can solve the problem of smuggling, prevent the occurrence of random price behaviors, create a harmonious sales market, and safeguard the interests of enterprises, agents and customers. The wine and water anti-smuggling solution, cargo monitoring, flow tracking, etc., can locate products, know the whereabouts of each product, and understand the sales situation of various channels, thereby avoiding smuggling. When the product is shipped to the dealer, scan the QR code on the product outer package and upload it to the server together with the dealer information. Market inspectors can use the handheld terminal device and the server website to check the products sold in the terminal store. The QR code on the product is used for anti-smuggling inspection, and the result will display the corresponding distribution location of the product. Real-time monitoring of sales status in various locations and multiple scanning scenarios: The system supports omni-channel logistics operations from factories, warehouses, and dealers, including operations such as warehousing, warehousing, returns, transfers, and inventory, to achieve full traceability. In the background of the anti-smuggling management system, the sales dynamics of dealers at all levels are understood, and the inventory data is displayed in real time; the sales data report will be submitted to the brand manager in time, so that the data is accurate and timely, and it is easy to manage. The use of modern communication technology (such as SMS) and other tools to realize the function of tracking and management of products, realizes the important purpose of real-time tracking and real control. Anti-smuggling inquiry: For enterprises and related channel providers, according to their query control authority, provide inquiries and statistics on their relevant distribution and smuggling information.
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