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Wine anti-smuggling system, key data collection and serial connection

by:Fullgo     2023-03-07
Track the dynamic flow of products to the anti-smuggling system, track the association of goods, help enterprises to carry out unified management in multiple dealers, check the flow of products, and use multi-warehouse management to improve efficiency and reduce the occurrence of cross-selling. The product adopts the anti-smuggling system to track the dynamic flow of the product, check the whereabouts of the product anytime, anywhere, the sales situation of each channel, and the real-time consumption data of the terminal market. The system enters commodity and dealer information, and the data-based system for step-by-step delivery helps merchants maintain brand reputation; the system clarifies the relationship between superiors and subordinates, data entry, and dealer data entry. Track the flow of products throughout the process and realize the full life cycle management of product production, sales, circulation and service. Realize the purpose of anti-smuggling logistics management: warehouse management, agent management, warehousing management, delivery management, return management, warehouse inquiry, logistics statistics. The liquor anti-smuggling system monitors the product distribution channels in real time, and conducts unified management of distributors in various regions to standardize the distribution of products in the channels and prevent the occurrence of product smuggling and disordered prices. The anti-smuggling system is mainly based on the two-dimensional code label. By using the one-item-one-code technology, it can realize online monitoring of products, accurately track the flow of each product, collect the circulation information of products in various industries, and provide enterprises with market management. data support. The merchant platform of the anti-smuggling system has authorization for the management of the lower level, and it is managed in a mobile mode. Each agent has the authorization certificate of the merchant, and the official channel represents the goods. The lower-level agents can manage the lower-level agents through the mobile terminal. The electronic authorization certificate is granted to the lower level by the higher level, which is convenient for the unified management of the merchant platform and the development of lower-level agents. The system will issue an early warning to remind the product to make the required information code into a label for delivery, and the packaging workers can paste the small label on the single product packaging box according to the corresponding relationship, and the label can be pasted on the packaging box. The anti-smuggling system assigns codes to drinks, and the product code is associated with the box code, which can monitor the dynamics of each product; it can quickly locate the product location, collect information on smuggling, and prevent distribution in various regions from cross-regional smuggling for profit. When the product is scanned out of the warehouse, the delivery person opens the collector, selects the delivery note through the drop-down menu, scans the delivery; improves the collection speed, accuracy, and enhances the fault tolerance function (for product category, delivery note number, sales, etc.). This product can achieve multi-level association in the production process, that is, each bottle of wine has three-level corresponding association identities of bottle, box and box, so that enterprises can better manage distributors in market circulation and prevent products from circulating. In the process, it was faked and smuggled.
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