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Wine companies do one product, one code marketing, more transparent marketing

by:Fullgo     2023-03-08
Points promotion activities are arranged from time to time, marketing applications combined with gift market rewards to reward fans, to further enhance fans' recognition of the brand, brand stickiness, and increase the repurchase rate. With the help of the discount of scanning the code to receive the red envelope, while improving the consumer's desire to scan the anti-counterfeiting code, it can also use the red envelope to stimulate the customer's desire to buy, which greatly improves the product sales. Each bottle of wine is given a QR code. After purchasing, consumers can directly scan the QR code to receive cash red envelopes. It is very convenient, and users are more willing to participate and actively share and spread. At the same time that consumers can scan the code to receive the award, the shopping guide can also receive the award incentive model, which solves the problem that the shopping guide is limited by consumers in receiving the award, facilitates flexible adjustment of the shopping guide marketing strategy, and enriches the market application scenarios. Realize precise marketing and make one item and one code. It can provide a scan code page template for brand marketing activities, which can help to quickly set up personalized pages for different marketing activities, and can set individual prizes for activities. While increasing the repurchase rate of consumers, increasing consumer and brand viscosity, and increasing brand exposure. Beverages use the one-thing-one-code marketing system, scan the code out of the box to send red envelopes, stimulate the unboxing rate of dealers or shopping guides, increase the shelf rate of products, and greatly increase sales. According to the collected information, it is integrated into corresponding analysis reports, and the number of consumers scanning codes is counted to understand the sales situation of the brand in the region. Wine companies do one-thing-one-code marketing. One-thing-one-code QR code can transmit a large amount of data information. QR code marketing can increase the advertising value and make the marketing effect better. Encouraging users to use big data to accurately locate target groups, provide high-quality services, and achieve close interaction with customers is the effort made by beverage companies in the new retail business, and it is also the value of one item, one code. By giving products QR code red envelope labels, beverage companies can not only increase the activity of users, but also stimulate consumers to re-purchase. Through the in-depth application of one item and one code, the data-driven reconstruction of 'people, goods, and fields' will be realized, and an exclusive user account system will be established to form what users see is what they get. QR codes have become a key entry point for physical stores and online sales, spanning physical and virtual spaces, and narrowing the distance between various businesses and consumers. Through background big data analysis, consumers' shopping habits are obtained, and accurate marketing strategies are carried out according to the characteristics of consumers to realize digital marketing.
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