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Yogurt one product one code marketing, optimizing marketing strategy

by:Fullgo     2023-01-07
Increase the repurchase rate, digital empowerment, industrial transformation and upgrading, new industries, new business formats, and new models. With the help of digital tools, enterprises can use digital tools to make marketing more efficient and convenient. Consumers can learn more about product and enterprise information through one-thing-one-code marketing activities, and are willing to forward them, actively share the activity information, expand brand awareness, enhance customer stickiness, and increase brand exposure. Improve consumer repurchase rate, increase consumer stickiness, increase brand exposure, and empower brand owners to operate. One item, one code yogurt marketing, starting from the needs of consumers, selects suitable scanning strategies and prizes that consumers like, successfully triggers customers' emotions, and enhances users' goodwill towards product brands. Amplify the role of marketing activities to adapt to mobile Internet and digital marketing, and help corporate brands to complete fission and communication from multiple perspectives, thereby increasing the exposure and repurchase rate of corporate brands. It can help cooperative brands to promote brand information while distributing marketing rewards, so that every marketing expense of the brand becomes a marketing entrance, strengthen user awareness, and tap the value of traffic. Yogurt, one product, one code marketing, using marketing activities to help companies realize that every consumer is a propagandist of the company, scan the code to receive red envelopes, exchange points for gifts, lottery draws, cash red envelopes and other marketing activities to help brands strengthen their relationship with consumers. viscosity between. Consumers/shopping guides/stores can scan the QR code of goods to receive cash red envelopes, points, and lottery draws. In the background of the one-item-one-code-scanning marketing system, merchants can flexibly set the products participating in the promotion, activity time, prizes and winning rates. It can also track and analyze the promotion status in real time. Endow the product itself with marketing functions to support multiple uses of one code, make the product a bridge connecting brands and users, and realize multi-dimensional scene applications, so that each code-coded product can exert its highest value. Help brand owners accumulate consumer data, enrich brand data assets, and help brand owners deepen their digital marketing layout. Data collection in terminal retailers allows enterprises to quickly understand the marketing situation, formulate marketing strategies, and achieve product sales growth. Provide a basis for brand owners' operation empowerment, accurate delivery of event marketing expenses, increase product sales, reflect channel value, and enhance brand awareness. The application of the one item, one code marketing system can effectively collect the specific information of the users participating in the activity, and only after submitting the information can the prizes be received.
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