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Zhongshang network shelf life management system, truthful record management and control

by:Fullgo     2022-12-02
To verify the authenticity of products, actively promote the construction of product informatization traceability, gradually realize the traceability management of all product varieties and the whole process, and improve the level of intelligent product supervision. Enterprises use shelf life management systems, coding scenarios, factories&The warehouse performs code assignment and association, which is the support for subsequent temporary insurance, with semi-automatic and manual line modes. Zhongshang network shelf life management system, core business scenario - store sales to achieve first-in, first-out, and temporary reminders, allowing sales, configuring first-in-first-out rules in the background, shopping guide scanning the unique code of products, prompting for earlier batch/shelf life inventory, complete Sales. The whole link is opened to manage the shelf life from warehousing, inventory, transfer, and out of the warehouse. The longer the shelf life of the goods in the inventory is, the greater the cost pressure on the enterprise. Through the shelf life management system, the shelf life of the product is managed well. Product shelf life management is another major feature of the production and processing industry. Product turnover is high and shelf life is short. Tabular management meets the needs of quick query and flexible delivery; batch and shelf life management is supported, and storage is automatically recorded. The management of inbound business, outbound business, transfer business, assembly and disassembly, inventory adjustment, etc., combined with batch shelf life, inventory count and real-time inventory balance management, realizes the tracking and control management of logistics and cost of warehouse business, and reduces the cost of inventory. Backlog shortages, reduce inventory costs. Product application quality monitoring dealers/stores: Stores/dealers scan the code to enter batch and shelf life information to achieve efficient management of product receipt, return, delivery, disk, transfer, and transfer. With multi-functional, flexible and convenient intelligent warehousing system tools, users can process data. The management of the shelf life is involved from warehousing to inventory, to allocation, to delivery, and to provide early warning of shelf life management to ensure the integrity of the entire industry chain. Product code is used for anti-counterfeiting, supplier, warehousing, channel, store, and consumer management. The identification steps of the anti-counterfeiting label during the shelf life: (1) One look: There are randomly distributed multi-color or single-color particles on the surface of the label when viewed with the naked eye. (2) Second touch: touch the surface of the label with a sudden feeling, random metal particle dots, non-printed ink marks, and can be picked out. (3) Three scans: Scan the QR code with the mobile phone, and compare the physical label with the mobile phone picture to check the authenticity.
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