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Advantages of anti-smuggling system, monitoring product circulation links

by:Fullgo     2022-12-29
Advantages of the anti-smuggling system (1) Each product, packaging box and pallet labeling will be associated and managed in conjunction with the one-item-one-code system to complete the registration of product inbound and outbound data, helping merchants to grasp the direction of product flow in real time and monitor the whole process of data. (2) Each product has a digital ID card. Through real-time information, we know the product dynamics, add a unique information anti-counterfeiting code to the product, and enter the platform system to collect the distributor corresponding to the product ID code in detail. (3) In particular, the QR code can record more detailed data and information such as the sales area of ​​the product, the person in charge of sales, the serial number of the accessories, etc., thus adding a complete and confidential identity and attribute label to the product, so as to prevent smuggling. effect. (4) By providing each product with a designated digit (number or letter) identity information code (which can be digitally printed or labelled on the product or package), with the help of the Internet, the production plants, distributors, and consumers of products can be realized. product information interaction between users. (5) The product adopts anti-smuggling system, real-time viewing of various data reports, timely feedback to the brand manager, controllable anti-smuggling, controllable price, and basis for decision-making. Avoid agents at all levels smuggling goods and prices, and efficiently complete real-time tracking and supervision of products in circulation, distribution, retail and other links. (6) In the background of the anti-smuggling system, the data of product smuggling will automatically generate a report, which is convenient for enterprises to find and count the smuggling data. If there is a smuggling of goods and random prices, the system will automatically give an early warning, and the merchants can also deal with them in a timely manner, and investigate the dealers to ensure that the products are not smuggled and maintain the market order. (7) Obtain evidence through market supervision, auxiliary inspection of consumers, various forms of monitoring, and the phenomenon of dealers at all levels, helping enterprises to do a good job in circulation control and grasp the whole process of product whereabouts. Paste an encrypted QR code label with only a logo on each product. The QR code can record the variety information, production information, serial number, sales information, etc. of the product in detail. (8) Through market supervision, system testing, and consumer supervision, enterprises can save evidence for distributors' smuggling of goods, which can help the market operate better, and enterprises can fully grasp all information about the flow of goods. The product identification code can be seen on the product and packaging. Consumers only need to input the product identification code into the corresponding query system, and the system will feedback product information such as the authenticity of the product and the distribution location. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Customized anti-smuggling solutions for products to prevent goods from smuggling food and beverage anti-smuggling systems to help enterprises do a good job in circulation control
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