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One product, one code marketing solution for drinks and beverages to improve the efficiency of drainage

by:Fullgo     2023-03-08
Formulate marketing plans to meet consumer needs through consumer insights and terminal sales dialogues, assist companies to grasp personalized consumer opportunities, control market sales, build zero-distance, one-to-one marketing activities, and complete the consumption expansion of the market. Through marketing code scanning and event participation data, real-time adjustment of delivery areas and event types, and real-time market dynamics. High-quality solutions to promote users to repurchase, establish brand private domain traffic, and establish a digital channel management system. It is organically integrated into the same system and marketing mechanism to establish a relationship of mutual linkage and mutual benefit; based on data and result-oriented, the incentives can be accurately distributed to individuals, so as to achieve the improvement of commodity sales, cost reduction and efficiency increase. Target. Make market management more standardized to increase the participation rate of end users by scanning codes, and adopt more new tricks in the award setting to enhance the freshness, so as to achieve the goals of increasing the repurchase rate, stickiness and brand recognition. One object, one code big data marketing platform, including key person marketing implementation, store dealer management and incentive data, establish product marketing model, and accumulate digital assets for a long time. Based on the QR code technology, the product-specific identity code, scanning code to receive red envelopes, new product exclusive vouchers for free, etc., comprehensive reports such as code scanning and consumer-related data analysis of the online cycle of activities. Personalized interactive marketing activities, one product, one code marketing solution for beverages, expand brand promotion, improve product repurchase rate, users scan codes, obtain user consumption habits, and conduct targeted marketing. By integrating the mobile Internet and QR codes to build a one-item-one-code solution, it can help companies quickly control the data of consumer groups and build in-depth communication with end consumers. The meaning of one item, one code marketing: one item, one code, link, role, system, mechanism, linkage, relationship, data, incentive, precision. Capture brand sales data, build a large amount of consumption data, and expand information advantages through online small data analysis and terminal business. With the setup of the loyalty points membership marketing system, customers can exchange items, thereby increasing the conversion rate of fans and enhancing the stickiness between products and consumers. Deeply cultivate channels and build a full-chain marketing database of manufacturers-manufacturers-salesmen-dealers-salesmen-stores-promoters-consumers.
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