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One item, one yard of tea to prevent smuggling of tea, and comprehensively grasp product logistics information

by:Fullgo     2022-12-05
Supervise the anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting traceability system of local agents, which can realize dealer inquiry, joint inspection, and consumer inquiry. Enterprises can obtain detailed information about product sales areas and cross-selling. When entering and leaving the warehouse, the entire product process can be monitored through the system scanning association and then binding the identity information of the relevant agent; by covering the QR code of the product logistics sleeve, the product logistics information can be monitored. Scanning and collecting product information in each link of product warehousing and warehousing can collect individual products, or collect them in batches by boxes, stacks, vehicles and other units, and various data collected can be uploaded to a special information service platform. The inquiry and statistics of the smuggling information assigns a unique identity code to each product, and records the dealer information corresponding to the product information code in the information platform, which is detailed and accurate. The anti-smuggling system allows each product to be bound with a logistics code to track products in real time, locate commodities, and view logistics trends; if there is smuggling, immediately turn on the alarm to prevent smuggling. To prevent smuggling in the tea industry, it can customize a one-item-one-code tea anti-smuggling system, realize an integrated customer service system such as rebates and other information, complete hierarchical management, and strengthen strict control and management of sales channels. The benefits of using the anti-smuggling system for products have realized channel management, user management, logistics operation management, statistical query operations (outbound statistics, return statistics, and stolen goods statistics), which improved the efficiency of manufacturer management. To prevent the phenomenon of smuggling and chaotic prices, the tea anti-smuggling system assigns an identity code to each product, associates one-to-one data, manages data in different regions, monitors the flow of products in real time, prevents smuggling incidents, and keeps abreast of consumer information. Real-time online monitoring of the smuggling situation is realized. As long as consumers scan the smuggled goods offline, they can learn the smuggling information, which completes the prevention of dealers against smuggling. The anti-smuggling system monitors the flow of products to the market. After consumers buy products, they scan the QR code to check the authenticity, and the system automatically records the location information. The anti-smuggling system has an automatic warning function. When there is a smuggling, the system will automatically prompt to remind the company to quickly find the location of the product, prohibit the smuggling, and quickly recall the goods. Combined with product characteristics, it adopts anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling labels or integrated coding of product packaging to achieve the perfect integration of product and coded data, with strong anti-transfer and anti-destructive properties.
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