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How many steps can the production of anti-counterfeiting labels be divided into? _Anti-counterfeiting stickers-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-02-20
I often see some processes of making counterfeit money in movies, and after making it, it reaches the point where it looks like the real thing. There are many fake products in the real world that are shoddy, confusing the eyes of the public. To prevent this phenomenon, we need anti-counterfeiting labels and other means. Combining the designed anti-counterfeiting labels with real objects can protect property rights from infringement. , then, the production of anti-counterfeiting labels can be divided into several steps? 1. Label design and material preparation According to customer requirements, anti-counterfeiting labels are produced, and proofing design is carried out for customers. The anti-counterfeiting company can only produce the material of the anti-counterfeiting label after confirming the production style of the anti-counterfeiting label. Prepare materials, such as label quantity, specifications and production requirements, and cut suitable self-adhesive materials; at the same time, according to printing requirements, produce films, that is, film films for printing. 2. Use suitable printing machines for printing and cover film coding to produce and print anti-counterfeiting labels. The equipment for printing labels includes single-color machine, two-color machine, four-color machine, and five-color machine. Different printing equipment is selected according to the color and printing quality requirements. After printing, the coding process is carried out. The coding is a digital anti-counterfeiting label design software. One of the most focused processes in production has high quality requirements, that is, the password generated by the anti-counterfeiting system is stamped on the corresponding label, so that each label has a code, which is required to be non-repetitive and not leaking. 3. Covering and printing and scratching Silver Covering is also known as the lamination process, that is, a layer of light film or a specific film is covered on the coded label to make the label look brighter. In order not to affect the quality of the label, there are many times without lamination. Scraping silver printing is to print the layer of ink scraped on the corresponding password. Generally, this process is a screen printing process, including manual screen printing and automatic screen printing. After the previous relevant printing process is completed, the whole or full-page die is cut into the required specification labels. After the die-cutting, it is generally necessary to discharge waste, that is, tear off the unnecessary waste edges on the edges. If it is like the fake money in the movie, the steps are dazzling, disturbing the economic market, not to mention the greed of many people, and the benefits of fraud will affect the author's hard work and hard work. It can protect the original factory and products, but in order to keep it longer, it should be updated in time.
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