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Traceable anti-counterfeiting labels, scan all information

by:Fullgo     2022-10-17
Foreword: Use the traceability anti-counterfeiting system for products, which can manage the product in the whole cycle, record the information of each link, generate a QR code label through the system, print and paste it on the package, consumers buy products with traceability labels, pass Scan the code to identify the true and false, and to view the information of each link. Display all product information The anti-counterfeiting label is a logo made by combining a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies. After printing, it can be pasted on the surface of the product or on the outer packaging. Customers can check the product information by scanning the code, and also identify the authenticity of the product. Product anti-counterfeiting traceability management, product raw materials, procurement, production, flow, consumption, full digital identity monitoring, product anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling, supply chain management and digital comprehensive solutions. Moreover, the traceability system also has an anti-smuggling function, which can track the whole process of the product, from the circulation to the management and control of the transportation link. If the product is not sold within the scope of this dealer, the system will issue an early warning, so that the product can be known in time. situation, easy to solve the problem quickly. Authenticity is easy to verify the combination of anti-counterfeiting and traceability, which truly protects the entire product cycle, prevents smuggling, prevents counterfeiting, and supervises and controls production processes. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system can certainly reflect its value. The recording of product information and the combination of multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies can help companies fight counterfeiting and prevent labels and products from being counterfeited. Traceability is the management of products from production to sales, supervising and checking each process, presenting transparent information, qualified products, and prompting consumers to purchase with more confidence. Improve the company's brand reputation Product quality management: product batch management, node management, quality control quality management; raw material management, processing management, production management. Traceability: Quality inspection reports allow consumers to buy with confidence, and people (objects) + processes allow consumers to form cognitive traceability to help companies create product value. One object, one code traceability system, to meet the needs of national policies, customize digital marketing solutions, and make traceability + marketing more meet the needs of enterprises. Anti-counterfeiting: 22 years of scientific research to produce a code system to ensure double data encryption in the cloud for source control, establish product data association through anti-counterfeiting codes, and identify authenticity. The use of traceable anti-counterfeiting labels for branded products can help consumers understand product information and see product quality, so that customers can trust the brand more.
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