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How to realize intelligent marketing with one item and one code? Realize the improvement of the comprehensive competitiveness of commodities

by:Fullgo     2023-02-05
Dissemination of brands can relatively safely know consumers' regional information, purchase frequency information, activity participation, etc., which can well help merchants to do promotion and other marketing activities. Full-link marketing refers to the analysis of consumer behavior by brand owners around the shopping journey of consumers, and strengthens brand influence at each key touchpoint of the customer shopping journey, promotes rapid decision-making and conversion of users, and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing. How to realize intelligent marketing with one item and one code? Answer: One item, one code enables intelligent marketing, anti-counterfeiting information creates brand image, pays attention to public account drainage, opens up online + offline marketing channels, and traces product channel information through box codes, and starts a new layout of intelligent marketing! Precision marketing connects brands with consumers, realizes one-to-one interaction, reduces operating costs, increases corporate sales, and uses variable QR codes to connect with the data backend to conduct digital marketing of products. One product, one code marketing activities, increase product sales, attract offline and online traffic, cultivate customer loyalty, digital management marketing helps brands achieve leapfrog development, realize online and offline two-way marketing, and integrate corporate resources. One item, one code marketing system realizes accurate consumer insight data, increases the frequency of brand-customer interaction, improves brand stickiness and customer loyalty, and reduces the risks and costs of business operations, advertising and marketing decisions. All-staff marketing: When a shopping guide sells a product, they can get a high commission by scanning the code, and each shopping guide is encouraged to give priority to and proactively sell products; when consumers buy a product by scanning the code and sharing the link, they can get rewards and let consumers take the initiative to help Merchant sells goods. Improve the efficiency of planning and execution of marketing activities In the full-link marketing link, user contact and user operation are particularly important for performance improvement. Improve the accuracy of user contact and the user's refined operation ability to promote business improvement. One item, one code marketing directly reaches end consumers, relevant dealers, and stimulates promoters, red envelopes, and points redemption. One item, one code marketing will master end consumer information and realize precise positioning marketing; its use is highly user-friendly. Use one item, one code digital interactive marketing to reduce customer acquisition costs and improve user favorability. Make the brand realize that the product is the medium, and the scan code is the connection; for users with different consumer behaviors in different regions, one item, one code can also support a variety of marketing strategies. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading of the brand product one item, one code marketing plan, expand the brand influence, one item, one code marketing functions and advantages, and realize the collection and analysis of data
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