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Traceability of cosmetic quality management to improve management efficiency

by:Fullgo     2022-12-21
The reverse traceability requirement of display information can be traced back to the name, batch number and usage amount of all raw and auxiliary materials used in the production batch of products through the QR code or batch number of a single product. Associate the incoming inspection report of each raw and auxiliary material, as well as the existing inventory. Forward traceability requires that the name, batch number, and output of all finished products produced by a single raw and auxiliary material can be traced back to the name, batch number, and batch number of a single raw and auxiliary material. The sales flow and sales volume of related finished products, the remaining inventory, and the relevant information voluntarily disclosed by the enterprise. Consumers can scan the traceability code to view the traceability information of the purchased products and corporate publicity information. The content of the traceability information is more inclined to product production information. Through background data statistics, we can timely understand consumer information, and also allow customers to understand product information in a timely manner, which is convenient for development. Realize traceability data sharing The product traceability system realizes full-cycle management, and the information of each link can be viewed, improving consumers' understanding of cosmetics, quality inspection, supervision and control of each link, and if there is any problem, it can be solved in time. Cosmetics quality management traceability, traces the information of the entire industry chain, from raw materials to production, storage, circulation, and sales. The traceability system is based on the principle of one item, one code technology. Consumers can learn the key information of cosmetics by scanning the traceability QR code on the product. By collecting relevant data of products in production, processing, warehousing, logistics and other links, a visual product information database covering all stages from primary to deep processing is established to fully display product safety and quality-related information to consumers, and to realize the process from production to store. Two-way traceability. Real-time control of each process establishes a consumer traceability query platform, and uses code scanning to solve the problems of slow speed, query card, and imperfect traceability, so as to provide consumers with a better service experience and continuously improve customer satisfaction. Carry out automated production process supervision, product and enterprise management and control, combine traceability management with production quality control, and customize the system on demand to meet the personalized and informatization requirements of cosmetics manufacturing enterprises. Throughout the enterprise from raw material procurement, processing and packaging, logistics and circulation, the key information of each link of the enterprise can be recorded through the system and transmitted to the central database, forming data for query, traceability and recall. Through product identification, batch files, supplier information, customer information, user use and feedback information to complete the management of product quality. Open up the entire industry chain traceability system to realize the traceability of production, packaging, delivery, and sales, and the system extends to all production lines of the entire line of products.
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