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Food traceability management, improve the management level of enterprises

by:Fullgo     2022-12-10
Ensure that product quality covers the entire supply chain of product production, processing, packaging, refrigeration, transportation, testing, warehousing, and sales. The overall product quality situation is good, the whole process traceability system has been formed, and the inspection and testing capabilities of key products have been steadily improving. Quality is effectively controlled. Real-time traceability of food circulation supervision, dynamic and scientific norms, food management and digital capabilities complement each other, food traceability links, from raw material tracking to finished product delivery flow, finished product traceability to relevant raw material information, product flow tracking and traceability. The system can objectively, effectively and truly record and preserve food quality information, so that food quality and safety can be traced in the forward direction, traceable in the reverse direction, and risk can be controlled. Ensure that the quality of food is stable and controllable. Prevent goods from smuggling goods, one object, one code and two-dimensional code logistics traceability system, check product trends anytime, anywhere, manage agents at all levels, and manage and control logistics traceability; step-by-step scan code delivery, system smuggling early warning, and solve the problem of smuggling in agent channels ; Whole process control of distribution channels, stable market order and maintenance of product price system. Establish a complete warehousing and logistics system, full-process inspection, full-process transportation, order and QR code tracking, etc., to achieve full traceability. Food traceability management, consumers can trace the information of enterprises and merchants. By scanning the QR code on the food, consumers can quickly inquire about the information of each link of the product, and can trace the production process of the product, such as: the source of the product, usage materials, handlers, etc. Strict supervision of the production process The food industry chain traceability platform can realize the data aggregation of the whole chain, and the information is collected and uploaded from the source, which is more accurate and comprehensive. . A traceability chain can be established, and by recording every process of the production cycle in real time, the source and flow of each product can be traced. In order to trace and prevent counterfeiting, the brand combines the anti-counterfeiting system and the traceability system to realize a variety of functional management products when conducting anti-counterfeiting. Products can be traced back to all aspects of production and circulation. If there is a problem with the product, you can know which link has the problem, so that you can be held accountable. It can collect data in the process of product production, processing, quality inspection, circulation, and sales, and establish a product production and sales process traceability management platform. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading of the Chinese company's shelf life management system, the realization of the first-in-first-out cosmetics full-cycle traceability system for store sales, and a clear understanding of product production and circulation information
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